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Ardrahan Community Development Project

NEWSLETTER - November 2014

We would like to take this opportunity to update you on the recent progress and the current activities on our development project. As you are aware, construction works as part of the pitch redevelopment have commenced.

It has come to our attention that some young children attending training sessions with their older siblings, are playing on the small pitch without any supervision. They are also, in some instances, entering the construction site at the back of the goal area.  Ardrahan GAA Club has erected a number of signs warning all members, players, parents and visitors that NO ACCESS IS PERMITTED onto these adjoining lands for Health & Safety reasons. Ardrahan GAA club wishes to advise Parents / Guardians that you are responsible for the safety and supervision of your children. Young children should not be left unsupervised under any circumstances and parents are especially requested to warn children of the dangers and consequences of entering the construction site. We appreciate your co-operation in ensuring the safety of all our members while the development works are undertaken.

Work completed April to September 2014

New boundary block wall completed     


New access road has been excavated & filled with hard core


Existing stone boundary wall is currently being refurbished with approx. 30% completed. (Employment scheme personnel)


Concrete for ESB ducting + Ducting 


Misc. Signs + Connacht Tribune notice           


Total expenditure to date  




Details and costs schedule for next phases of development

1st October 2014 to  1st July 2015



Continuation of stone boundary wall refurbishment;(CES Scheme)                          



Clear top soil on lands at back, and adjacent to the small pitch;



Clear top soil, subsoil and level out all-weather pitch site with stone-



structure to retain high level walkway beside the Horseshoe Wood;



Erect 28.5 metre ball wall on Michael Fahy’s Side of all-weather pitch;



Put in stone base under all-weather pitch & drain same;



Build retaining wall at side of new adult pitch;



Fence (Craughwell) side of new Pitch for safety reasons as there is a  3 metre drop;



Fit lighting to the all-weather pitch;                     



Pay ESB for 3 phase connection fee, wire same with

mini pillar-box to supply the lights;



Fence all-weather pitch (2.4 metres high);                              



Fit ball netting over fence (4 metres high);        



Complete all-weather pitch with finished surface;                  



Misc. small ground works to link existing pitches to all-weather pitch.                                                    






Thanks to the massive effort of our Club Development group, we have recently been successful in securing a grant of €112,000 through the Sports Capital Funding for our application to develop the all-weather facility, ball wall, fencing, lighting and walkway. This phase of the development needs to be completed by mid-2016 and these funds have to be used exclusively for these purposes.

Additional Funding Required.

To deliver and complete the above phases of the project it will cost €234,173.00. This requires us to raise an additional €122,000 - and our goal as a parish is to achieve this with borrowings and a community wide fundraising drive which is anticipated to commence shortly.

This facility will be available to the whole parish. There are approx. 700 houses in the parish of Ardrahan

In 2012, a door to door Parish Collection was undertaken and not completed.  To date, 185 houses have contributed.  We will shortly be recommencing the finalisation of the parish collection, to ensure that all houses are given an opportunity to contribute.


Ardrahan GAA Club, as an approved sports body, has applied for Tax Relief Status for our current Development Project. We are expecting confirmation for our “Approved Dev. Project” in the near future.

This means that for current PAYE taxpayers, their relief will be given on a “grossed up” basis, rather than by way of a separate claim to tax relief by the donor.  In other words, the donation will be treated as having being received by the approved body (i.e. Ardrahan GAA Club) “Net” of income tax.  For example, at the higher rate – 41%-  a PAYE taxpayer makes a qualifying donation of €590 to  Ardrahan GAA Club, the club will be deemed to have received €1,000 less tax of €410.

Ardrahan GAA Club will then be able to claim a refund of €410 from the Revenue Commissioners at the end of the year i.e. the amount of tax already paid by the tax payer on the net sum of €590.

Other examples of donations and the amount that can be reclaimed by the Club:

€750 at the higher rate of 41% is grossed up to €1,271.18  club can claim refund of €521.18

€750 at the lower rate of 20% is grossed up to €937.50 club can claim refund of €187.50

€500  at the higher rate of 41%  is grossed up to €847.45 club can claim refund of €347.45

€500 at the lower rate of 20% is grossed up to €625.00  club can claim refund of €125.00

€250 at the higher rate of 41%  is grossed up to €423.72  club can claim refund of €173.72

€250 at the lower rate of 20% is grossed up to €312.50   club can claim  refund  €62.50

The minimum donation qualifying for tax relief is €250.00


This method of donation is the preferred option by the club as it gives us the best return for your money, provided of course you are a PAYE taxpayer, and also that you have paid sufficient tax within the financial year that the donation was made.

Self Employed & Corporate Donors

In the case of a donation made by an individual who pays tax on a self-assessment basis, the individual will be entitled to claim a tax deduction for the donation in computing his/her income –there is no grossing up arrangement.  Similarly in the case of corporate donations, the company will be entitled to claim a deduction for the donation as if it was a trading expense.

How Can You Help?

  • We need a team of approximately 20 volunteers (especially from the organisations who use the facilities) to assist with Parish Collection
  • Allocate a couple of evenings in November to join a Group
  • Contribution can be made online. There is a facility on our website to make a general donation towards our development. Log on to our website at: and click on the “donate” logo. Donations can also be given to any member of the executive. Receipts will be issued for all donations.

Other phases which must be completed before a 3 year period of use of existing car parking area expires:

  • Complete second pitch and fence same.
  • Fit drainage and percolation under proposed car park
  • Fill, level and surface car park ready for use.
  • Build stone faced wall dividing Tarpey’s property from our property on existing car park.

Other works that need to be undertaken when finance is available.

  • Complete and light walkway to make fit for use
  • Kerb entrance roadway and car park
  • Build entrance piers and wall, and fit Entrance Gates.

We would really appeal to you to please support this initiative, so we can minimise our borrowings and more importantly have facilities in Ardrahan that our community and children deserve.

We look forward to your continued support and meeting with you in the near future.


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We now have exciting plans for the future. Please help us to realise them by donating to the Ardrahan GAA Development Fund.